Tis the Season for Antiquing


As the days grow warmer, take time to explore antique venues near and far.  Treasures  are waiting for you at auctions, estate sales, and antiques malls.

Prices have dropped significantly on many vintage wares and now is a great time to invest in pieces that celebrate Old World Craftsmanship.

Mass produced furniture may be chic for the moment.  However, trends change.  Soon exquisitely hand-crafted pieces will become prized again.

We discovered this antique conversation seat….also known as a tete a tete at an antiques show in Swansea, Massachusetts. The current depreciated price was equivalent to the cost of a gourmet dinner-for-two at an elegant restaurant.

We spent a snowy day rejuvenating the relic.  We cleaned and polished the intricate woodwork with elbow grease and orange oil. Then we replaced the 1980s mauve tapestry-ish fabric upholstery with a classic white matelassé. For a finishing touch, we added two rows of blue and golden fringe. Oh the magic you can create with a bit of patience, a staple gun and a hot glue gun!

The chair now occupies a place of honor at Restmere.  And we have a new ritual.  We invite loved ones to sit at the chair for a quick painless Smartphone portrait session.

The souvenirs are priceless.

So much joy is now associated with the former orphan.

I hope you will uncover some treasures on your own sentimental journeys into the antiques world this summer.  Let nostalgia tug you.