Why History Matters



The interiors of the 1811 Federal are complete. The new porches have been constructed. The landscapers are now working feverishly building hardscapes, laying sod and planting gardens. The house painters are on standby, ready to redefine the exterior. Each day the house looks and feels more and more like a home.


Throughout our rejuvenation project, so many people have wondered why we would invest so much energy in rejuvenating a 200 year-old home that we found precariously close to ruin. Couldn’t we build a new house instead?  Wouldn’t we prefer a modern open floor plan? Why connect with the past?  Why does history matter so much?


Many of the answers can be found in this wonderful documentary from the Newport Historical Society.  I hope you’ll take a few minutes to understand why rejuvenating homes of the brave is rewarding on so many levels:

I look forward to posting images of the finished project in the coming weeks!

2 thoughts on “Why History Matters

  1. Hi Maggie. We did not want to break the 200+ year chain of good luck so we returned the three shoes to where we found them in the house. Hopefully the home can enjoy many more centuries of good luck!

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